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Available in 2.5gms bottles (3ml Attar Bottles)

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“Shalimar” — an artisanal attar that transcends mere scent, becoming an exquisite emotion wrapped in a bottle. Have your tried yet?

It begins with a delicate whisper, a bouquet of florals like 1000 rose, that evokes the tender embrace of a cherished memory. As it unfurls, it unveils an oriental heart that stirs the soul, igniting a fire of passion within. But it’s the woody & amber base that lingers, an enduring promise of moments yet to come.

Let “Shalimar” be your signature, your essence, your unforgettable journey through emotions. Embrace it, wear it, and let it become a part of you, for it is in this fragrance that memories are made, passions ignited, and hearts forever entwined.

Top Notes: rose, jasmine, white florals
Middle Notes: spices, vanilla
Base Notes: sandalwood, cedarwood, Amber

“Shalimar – A fragrance in which memories are made.”

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  1. Deepika Mittal

    This attar reminds me of my childhood days. Just in love with it. Rose used makes you feel like in rose garden. great stuff.

  2. Ankur Bhati

    rose amber fragrance, i have tried other brands in this category.. this one is quite unique attar. highly recommend to buy this one.

  3. Priyanka Sudhakar

    Rose Rose & Rose. Its just wow. In Drydown its sweet ambery scent. Its even better.

  4. Jayanth

    AWESOME Fragrance 😍

    It’s like some memorable nostalgic feel that we always love to keep in our memories but strangely we couldn’t recollect…

    The fragrance reminds something soothing and bring smile on our face, but unable to explain or decode what it is..! One of the must try from AzherOud 🥰❤️


  5. Saugat Das

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