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Our Story

Maison Azheroud Parfums, founded in 2021, is a brand known for its passion for fragrances and its commitment to creating exceptional alcohol-free perfumes. Co-founder and perfumer Adnan Azher leads the brand with a remarkable portfolio of successful fragrances.

Adnan Azher’s vision is to capture sensuality, opulence, and versatility, redefining French perfumery for the modern era. Maison Azheroud offers a diverse collection of scents, each representing different emotions while staying true to the opulent heritage of Indian perfumery.

The brand’s distinct personality is shaped by Adnan Azher’s artistic talent, making himĀ  emerge as best perfumer. Maison Azheroud follows key principles of purity, sophistication, timeless elegance, and a reimagined classicism, resulting in fragrances that offer unique sensory experiences.

Adnan Azher created his first masterpiece, “Nomad,” at just 34 years old, which became a best-seller. Instead of resting on his laurels, he continued to push the boundaries of olfactory art, striving to blend different sensory experiences into a harmonious symphony.

Artistic Conversations

Our perfumes are meticulously handcrafted using natural ingredients and high-quality synthetics, resulting in alcohol-free fragrances that develop a captivating golden allure over time. Master Perfumer “Adnan Azher” brings his expertise to create blends that harmonize Eastern and Western perfumery styles. Experience our captivating scents through our memory sets before committing to full bottles, as we believe in embodying a specific vision by selecting materials based on their suitability for a desired purpose.