Sahar Al Misq

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Available in 2.5gms Attar bottles (3ml Attar Bottles)


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Embark on an enchanting journey with Sahar Al Misq Attar. Experience a delicate explosion of musk, entwined with Lily of the Valley and velvety vanilla, creating an exotic depth that captivates the soul. Unisex and long-lasting, its warm and sweet allure embraces day and night. Unleash irresistible magnetism, making it your unique signature, leaving an unforgettable impression wherever you go. Elevate your senses with opulence and elegance, as the magic of Sahar Al Misq Attar unveils your true allure. Discover a fragrance that narrates a tale of dreams and desires, enchanting all who encounter it

Top Notes: Fresh, Lily Of Valley, Green
Middle Notes: Soapy, Sweet, vanilla
Base Notes: Tolu, Sandalwood

“Sahar Al Misq – Where Dreams Come Alive.”

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  1. Saugat Das

    A very good quality attar- soothing and refreshing fragrance having an international appeal.

  2. Shankar Purohit

    Maza aa gaya, Kya shaandar khushboo hai

  3. Manisha Jha

    Excellent smell in musk line… It is light & fresh .. Love It.

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