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In the heart of the Mughal saga, where blooms spoke tales, “Mughal” Notes unfolds like a whispered secret in the ears of emperors. The first inhale experiences the Floral whispers entwined with Ylang Ylang, a dance of petals reminiscent of the gardens that once adorned the Mughal courts.

Close your eyes, and you might catch a whiff of history, as if the very air carries echoes of Mughal emperors—each note a chapter, each aroma a verse. Mughal Notes, a bottle of time travel to an epoch of grandeur, where scents held stories, and each breath was a connection to the imperial past. Let this fragrance be your passport to the Mughal Empire.

Top Notes: Ylang Ylang. Florals
Middle Notes: Musky, Woody
Base Notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, blossom

Mughal – A Passport to Mughal Empire

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  1. Asif Majumdar

    yeh brand naya tha, blind buy tha but khush hoon ke product badiya mila, eid mein khoob taarif mili. shukriya azheroud.

  2. Vrinda Kamat

    I liked the start of the attar, floral & bit woody, dry down is tangy wood, That is something new… good arabic attar. good products too.. i bought mughal with jannatul firdaus both are top notch

  3. Rakesh Bhadoriya

    An amazing attar from indian brand, very impressed..good packaging & branding. Its a very traditional attar with modern twist just like the name Mughal.

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