Ruh Al Arab

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“Ruh Al Arab”, a name that evokes the very soul of Arabian mystique and allure.

This perfume is an invitation to indulge in the irresistible allure of an Arabian night. It’s the whisper of ancient tales, the sensation of warm desert sands underfoot, and the promise of secrets yet to be discovered.

With every swipe, “Ruh Al Arab” unveils a rich, all-encompassing aroma that envelopes you in a warm, comforting embrace. It’s not just a scent; it’s an emotional journey, a connection to the heart of the Arabian world.

As you wear “Ruh Al Arab”, you carry with you the essence of centuries-old traditions, the elegance of Arabian beauty, and the timeless charm of the desert’s allure. It’s a fragrance that wraps you in a cloak of confidence, leaving a trace of enchantment wherever you go.
Embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of Arabian culture with “Ruh Al Arab”

Top Notes: Spices, Musk, Roasted seashells
Middle Note: A hint of spices
Base Note: Oud, Amber, Musk

“Ruh Al Arab – A connection to Heart of Arabian world.”

Based on 4 reviews
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  1. Manoj Patil

    Its a heavy take on ingredients used. can feel smell of sea shells & that punch of spices with oud. At this rate, Its an amazing fragrance.

  2. Amrish Tripathi

    arabic fragrance, jesa naam vesa kaam. zabardast hai.

  3. Jay Ahuja

    Spicy Arabic vibe like all arabic attars. I have one bought from dubai, this one is on same lines but gets different as time passes.

  4. Sohail Khatib

    Classic Scent!
    A potent mix of spices, musk, florals, vanilla & sandalwood with a leathery thread running through it along a faintest of oud in the background.

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