Geeli Mitti

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Experience the smell of first rains with our Geeli Mitti Attar, and relish your childhood memories attached to it.

Available in 2.5gms bottles (3ml Attar Bottles)

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Experience the smell of first rains, and relish your childhood memories attached to it.

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Geeli Mitti attar will take you to your childhood to relish the memories all over again

Based on 4 reviews
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  1. Rajiv Cehchat

    A true legendry smell of soil after first rains.. truly reminds of my childhood days.

  2. Prakash Jha

    Soil fragrance, tried this fragrance from big brands, but found the best ever from azheroud brand. great work guys.

  3. Munir Al Baksh

    First drops of rain on mud. Kya baat hai, yeh attar aur chai, shaam dhamakedaar. love it.

  4. Jayanth

    I have Zoologist bat and Amouage Figment…
    Both spread the aroma of rainy time earthy smell AKA petrichor…
    When I saw this mitti attar, I was expecting more natural, massive sillage and projection since it’s an attar… B
    But, IMHO, it is just a clean and decent one with medium projection and sillage… It reminds you the earthy smell but not a wet one… So it didn’t reached my expectation level… But I liked it… I will recommend whoever is planning to afford one earthy smelling fragrance..!

    I suggest the perfumist team to improve this attar in all the ways, since its one of the holy grail of your products..! 🥰🤝🏻

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