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Extrait de Parfum

2 ml ℮ 0.067 FL.OZ. SPRAY
30 ml ℮ 1.01 FL.OZ. SPRAY

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Twilight is a Citrus Wood Perfume which perfectly describes the movie “TWLIGHT”

On a full moon night, Jason was surrounded by the forest, and emotions of love, anger, jealousy, and friendship rushed through his veins, all at the same time. This produced a kind of musky aroma in the air, mixed with the green, nutty, and spicy essence of wild plants, with hints of citrus, creating a profound first note that sparked a heavenly feeling within him.

Join us to experience the way Jason looked at Bella and how much he loved her through our perfume, “Twilight.”

An amazing start up with Citrus punch with a musk overwhelming with woody character of the scent making it a powerful citrus woody bomb.

Top Note:- Citrus, Spices

Middle Note:- resins, spices

Base Note:- Woody, smoke, creamy, resins, old school accord & musk

Embark on a citrusy journey that evolves into a leathery, woody masterpiece. Let zesty citruses introduce you, while spices and resins add allure. Experience the ultimate blend of nature’s elements—a Perfume that’s both a destination and a discovery. Elevate your senses today with Twilight. – Adnan Azher.


The Fragrance of love in the woods. Fragrance of Twilight.

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  1. Shilpa Dawar

    wow!! spicy wood perfume, I just love the way it settles over the wood. I gifted this perfume to my bf & its a bang on for me.. irresistible.

  2. Ahmed M

    This fragrance is Wood bomb. Citrus & Spicies creates magic in the top. good for all seasons.

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