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Extrait de Parfum

2 ml ℮ 0.067 FL.OZ. SPRAY
30 ml ℮ 1.01 FL.OZ. SPRAY

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“Experience the unique and irresistible aroma of a Nomad, that balances the spicy note of cardamom with rich oud and the sway of musk. This niche Perfume manages to thrive and evolves into a suede leathery touch, leaving you feeling confident and empowered.”

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Available in 30ml/1.01oz bottles

Top Notes: Jasmine, Cardamom

Mid Notes : Suede, musk

Base Notes : Oud

Indulge in the essence of self-discovery as you drive through fields cloaked in Jasmine. Feel the allure of new leather and the delicate burst of sweet cardamom. Enveloped in the intertwining aroma of cardamom, leather, and jasmine, you’re transported.A fleeting sighting of a deer releases a musky intrigue, merging seamlessly with the velvety oud notes that fill the air from an uncorked vial. This is the moment when Nomad’s profound essence emerges—a harmonious blend that captures the essence of exploration.Nomad isn’t just a fragrance; it’s an invitation to embark on an olfactory journey. Let cardamom-spiced leather and intoxicating jasmine be your guides, while primal musk and luxurious oud lead the way. Elevate your senses, embrace wanderlust, and make Nomad yours today. Your journey to the extraordinary begins now.- Adnan Azher.

Nomad spicy leather perfume

“Experience the warmth of a Nomad that keeps you comfortable during extreme weather conditions. Let the unique blend of scents soothe and calm you, even on the coldest days.”

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  1. Tarique C

    Nomad By azheroud A gem for authentic musk (leather) note lovers! The name describes it pretty well, starts with a beautiful citrusy top surrounded by floral spicy heart notes and dries up into a leathery musky fragrance with a touch of oakmoss. A classic yet modern!

  2. Avijoy P

    Man cardamom and smooth oud with that lovely fruity vibe is just awesome….. For a new blend this has certainly bowled me over. For long all blends were either too strong or too generic. This has the beautiful green cardamom and sandal giving a slight lactonic nuance to the perfume and a nice soft comforting oud used to add depth. Projects very well and believe me you would just keep on sniffing your arm post applying this… Great work, I would certainly take a 2nd bottle of this.

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